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When planning to purchase an aftermarket bumper, you must check the materials utilized for it first. Who knows, a little detail may emerge that you might have forgotten about.


When you contact the industrial truck buyer to junk your automobile, they will turn you into a cash offer. The services provided by cash for truck businesses are really quick and convenient. The majority of the businesses work around the clock, so you may contact them at any opportunity to book a complimentary removal appointment. As a consequence, many will continue being silent.When most avid 4WDers begin thinking about modifying their pride and joy, a bull bar is often the first major accessory to be installed.

In this guide, we will discuss the ins and outs to finding the perfect front-end protection for your 4WD. But with such a huge range of manufacturers available to you, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly which bull bar is best for you and your vehicle. They are typically used by those who are long-distance touring to protect against animal strikes, or those who frequently off-road and need to protect their 4WD from debris. These days, most bull bars are technically winch bars.

The first thing you should decide on, to narrow down your search, is your preferred material. Bull bars are typically made from either plastic, aluminium or steel.

Each material has its benefits and is suited to different purposes. Steel has been the king of bull bar materials ever since 4WDers have been putting them on their vehicles, and with good reason. Steel bull bars require little maintenance, other than the occasional wash, are easier to repair and are typically cheaper than aluminium bull bars.

Plastic is only a recent contender in the bull bar market. It is the lightest of all the materials while also being the weakest. However, it is fairly easy to push out a plastic bull bar if it does get bent or pushed in through a collision. However, if you need a bull bar to use primarily in the urban environment, look no further. Unlike a steel or aluminium bull bar, plastic bull bars have been designed to lessen the impact on pedestrians.

This means in a scenario where you accidentally hit a person, a plastic bull bar is far less likely to kill them compared to a metal one.

Aluminium is fast becoming comparable to steel in terms of strength while still weighing drastically less.

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As you can see, there is a massive difference in weight. It also depends on whether the aluminium bar has been polished, which looks nice and shiny for a couple months, but then starts to get a bit dull when exposed to the elements.

Ultimately it will come down to where you will be travelling and what you will be using it for. Steel is the most popular option, and will likely be the material of choice for many 4WDers due to the advantage of its incredible strength outweighing its increased weight and fuel consumption disadvantages.

However, if you will only be venturing off road or into popular animal strike areas infrequently, an aluminium bull bar may be more efficient for your vehicle.All this takes money and we rely on ads to keep the lights on.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Bullbar Brands. Thread starter Tradie Start date Dec 12, Tradie New Member. Hi all Looking for a bullbar but bit confused on whats out there.

Understand that the more I pay the better quality I get and thats all well and good, but whats best? Any recommendations? Your opening up a can of worms here Swaggie Moderator.

Ok ARB put in a lot of research and development into there bars so i am told.

2015-2020 F-150 Bull Bars

If you have airbags there made for them also,Plus they will paint the same color as the vehicle if you like TJM are also good. Tigerz,Then Ironman and the list goes on You can also get bull bars made of round steel to suit a winch etcThe front end of our trucks is the most vulnerable.

Because aside from the standard road gunk, you will also have deer, debris and of course, other drivers to worry about. To keep the bumper, headlights, and grille free from damage, we absolutely need to have a dependable, sturdy bull bar. There are tons of bull bars in the market today that come in different materials, finishes, and styles to choose from. Selecting the best bull bar for your vehicle on the first try is impossible. This buying guide can help you figure what will be the right bull bar for your truck.

Besides, one of its outstanding features is its design. It features pre-drilled holes where the car owner can easily add lighting as they wish.

best bull bar

Even you can install them in your garage. With AutoSaver88 bull bar, it will not only protect your vehicle, but it can also make it look better. It has anti-rust protection, a skid plate that provides extra undercarriage protection and allows you to add extra light to extend your field of vision during night time. You can easily install it even in your garage with its direct bolt-on design.

The instruction manual and the mounting hardware are also available when you buy the bull bar. Because the company believes in its product, it offers a 3-year warranty against manufacturing flaws. This bull bar can look good at any of its compatible trucks. The product is well polished and appears to be reliable. It is also easy to install with all the hardware and manual available for reference.

It can add proper protection and the visibility that you need for your truck. Installation is not hard as it has a direct bolt-on mechanism with the mounting hardware and manual included. It offers a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects. It also meets the stringent OEM requirements. It is durable and reliable with high-quality stainless steel, and this bull bar meets the strict OEM standards.

This series of bullbars are designed for larger models of SUVs and trucks. It is easy to install and comes with a mounting kit. Most of the bullbars have skid plates, and this one is no exception.

It is backed by a 3-year warranty in case there are manufacturing defects. For aesthetics, you can add optional LED lights with the pre-welded light mount channels. There are also two pre-drilled mounting holes ready for installing license plate.It's made to provide the best protection against minor impacts and damage without overtaking the looks of your SUV or truck.

Max bull bars are made using steel tubing and they're made to last the lifetime of your vehicle. You can choose black or polished stainless steel. The polished stainless steel bull bar is corrosion resistant and can accent any color vehicle you might have in your driveway. Each bar shipped is custom made to the year, make, and model of your vehicle ensuring you get a perfect fit for your truck or SUV.

Manufacturers have numerous names: grille guards, winch protectors, prerunners, light bars, brush bars, bull bars, bush guards, push bars, and bush bars. Whatever you call them, all were designed with the purpose of protecting the vehicle's front end. These different types of grille guards include front end grille guards that wrap over your headlights and center grill guards that only protect the middle of your front-end.

Each one of our fully contoured guards is designed specifically to fit the unique design of every vehicle. Our high quality, meticulously constructed product line is sure to not only meet, but exceed your off-road demands every time. Bull bars are designed to offer more protection than a grille guard, featuring a wide tubular design and heavy duty construction.

Take your riding experience to another level! The heavy-duty steel bars Black Horse Off Road Max Bull Bars not only gives a strong and stylish look, but also provides increased front-end protection to your vehicle and passengers from collisions.

It is customized to fit the specific design of each vehicle. The durable steel construction is made for long-lasting use and free from rust and corrosion. The Max Bull Bars are available in stainless steel or black powder coated steel. Get yours now! Black Horse Products in polished finish and in black powder finish are covered by a limited lifetime warranty and a 3-Year warranty, respectively, to be free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase.

This warranty does not apply to any Products that have been subjected to misuse, mishandling, misapplication, neglect including but not limited to improper maintenanceimproper installation, or alterations.

Add a perfect finishing touch to your vehicle with Black Horse Off Road accessories! View 12 24 48 60 Description: Excl. Condition: New.

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Not Available. Free Shipping! Description: Adds front end protection 20in LED light bar included Specific fit to your vehicle to add a new rough look No drilling or welding required, installation is bolt-on May block front Limited Supply. Qty :. No Image Available. Description: Adds front end protection 20in LED light bar included Specific fit to your vehicle to add a new rough look No drilling or welding required, installation is bolt-on May block front sensors if Add bold, unique styling with a Black Horse Max bull bar without going over board.

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You can install your new bull bar right at home in your own garage without the need for any special tools.Words: Pat Williams Take a look at the best bullbars on the Australian market.

Bullbars are a very Australian invention, born out of necessity to protect our vehicles from animal strikes, and are one of the first accessories most people think of fitting to a new 4WD.

Top 10 Bull Bars that Will Make Your Truck Look Great

Having a bullbar fitted will, in most cases, improve the aesthetics of the vehicle, and will reduce costly repair bills in the event of an accident or animal strike. It could mean the difference between continuing on your journey or calling for a tow truck.

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Bullbars are also a great place to mount accessories like your winch, driving lights, sand flags and aerials. When shopping around for a bullbar you need to know what you want, because there are many different types and configurations available. Bullbars are made from steel, alloy or polyethylene a form of plastic. Alloy and plastic bars are lighter, but steel bars provide the best protection for your vehicle. There are a few things you need to think about when buying a bar, such as whether your car has airbags which most cars will these daysin which case you need to make sure the bar you choose is airbag compliant.

Most bars will be winch compatible, so even if you are looking to fit a winch later down the track, then at least your bar will be ready for it. Not all bars are created equal, so sticking to the better known brands is a must, because they have been tried and tested and are definitely up to the job of protecting your vehicle and its occupants. ARB has a great range of steel bullbars, with the current Ranger and Hilux bars being two excellent examples of their work.

The bar also features extensive under wing protection panels and a centre stone shield with large openings to facilitate airflow to the engine. The Ranger bar is suitable for winch and non-winch applications.

best bull bar

The split pan design allows for maximum strength and airflow, while extensive under bar protection panels on the centre and either side of the bar provide increased protection. The bar can be configured with or without the polished centre tube. The bar is winch compatible and is finished in a durable millennium grey powder coat.

best bull bar

The Sahara bar comes with the option to be colour-matched to your vehicle. Forgoing a number of cosmetic features such as colour coding and urethane buffers, this bar is ideal for a rugged work vehicle or those who want to get out on the tracks on a budget. These bars are winch compatible, feature twin Hi-Lift jacking points, have two aerial brackets and are finished in a hard wearing powder coat.

TJM have both alloy and steel bars in their line-up, and all TJM bars are engineered to each individual vehicle, allowing for the best style and performance no matter what vehicle you drive. TJM bars are airbag compatible and are available in winch-compatible and non winch-compatible varieties.

This bar is designed for improved approach angles, featuring both lower wing and centre guards for increased protection. It also features recovery points rated to kg. The bar is constructed from 76mm thick centre tube with 50mm thick outer tubes, and allows for fitment of dual aerials. The T15 also includes a low profile winch mount and is airbag compatible, ADR compliant and will not void your new vehicle warranty. The T13 Outback steel bar for the Toyota Prado is once again a full bumper replacement, with no cutting of the bumper required.

The bar is designed for improved approach angles featuring both lower wing and centre guards and with full cato straps, uniquely styled to the vehicle for incredible strength and damage deflection. Reinforced T-slot recovery jack points make jacking the vehicle safe and easy. This bar also has a low profile winch mount, provision for fitment of dual aerials and is airbag compatible, ADR compliant and does not void your new vehicle warranty.

Fax: 07 advertising 4wdtouring. Designed by Out of the Sandbox. POS and Ecommerce by Shopify. Menu Cart. Continue Shopping Your Cart is Empty. February 12, Share:.Every hard-charging off-road adventurer needs ways to guard their pickup truck from the bumps and whacks the environment delivers on the trail, which is exactly what F bull bars and brush guards are meant to do.

Bull bars and brush guards also have the advantage of giving your F a satisfyingly powerful look, too — a truck clearly not to be underestimated. Barricade's bull bars and grille guards, made of polished stainless steel or gloss black powder-coated steel, are fine examples of these protective frontal components.

best bull bar

Made to bolt on readily without modifications, these bull bars and grille guards keep rocks, branches,and other objects from impacting the grille or headlights of your truck, preventing scrapes, unsightly dents, or even outright breakage. Shop All Bull Bars for Trucks.

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